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Sales Will Drop Drastically

on Sat, 07/11/2015 - 07:59
The streets in the disclaimer, Ngampilan, quite empty, official siteTuesday (7/7/2015). In fact, ahead of last year's Idul Fitri holiday regions dense enough, those visitors who are hunting souvenirs Jogja, bakpia pathok. In one of the aisles, filling a stand of 25. The location is somewhat indented into the Township. In front of it, there is a showroom for peddling products did. About eight people who predominantly family members sort out the filling.
While employees wait for buyers. This year is not like yesterday.Buyers who come in very little. It resulted in a decline in sales of our.

From Pulp to Cow Tengkleng, culinary Ramadan in Santika Jakarta

on Sat, 07/11/2015 - 07:57
Ramadan moment became one of the bersilahturahmi  content event with co-workers or family. Events that can be utilized is iftaar. If you are looking for a place to break the fast together, The Harmony Restaurant at Hotel Santika Premiere Jakarta can be a reference.
"We happen to be promo that cost Rp 285, 000/person. If you bought a package for 4 people can package for five people (buy 4 get 5). All model buffet all you can eat, "said Public Relation Manager Hotel Santika Premiere Jakarta, Hesty Ning Tyas to KompasTravel after the show" Iftaar "at the Hotel Santika Premiere Jakarta, Tuesday (

Pastry Recipes

on Tue, 06/30/2015 - 09:05
Recipe Pastry Lebaran Idul Fitri the following could possibly be my link  a reference to the menu options to your underwear, because later fitting day lebaran arrived we'll get tired of having met the various sweet pastries that uses basic ingredients of milk and cheese so it makes us bored and saturated pastries that look-that's it, a kind of supporters, sultana, kastengel etc.


Therefore, surely we should be able to find another cake menu which can be used as  read more a variation to fill the jar on the table besides pastries typical widths are already observed. A variety of salty

Risty Tagor Try 15 minutes Recipe Package

on Tue, 06/30/2015 - 09:04
15-minute recipes is a collection of a variety of family read the full info here favorite recipes are packed with attractive packaging and is equipped with six condiment choice best of Koepoe Koepoe. Various herbs selected with the requirements for basic food flavoring mengekplorasi flavor to ease and improve your cooking ability practically and delights.
"A package of 15-minute Recipe is sweet to breakthrough the more activity against Click Here Community foster a love of cooking," said Head Of Marketing Divison PT Anggana Chess Prima Fachrur, Ahmad Rivai, Thursday (29/6/2015).

Recipe: Grilled Ribs Soup to Enjoy Iftar

on Tue, 06/30/2015 - 09:02
IGA is one of the popular cow body parts to be consumed.  Website Unfortunately, the beef ribs are generally found only in restaurants because many people are lazy process at home.
Most people are hesitant to cook beef ribs are usually out of fear  Full Article of the flesh a lot when served. But if you use a pressure cooker or saucepan high-pressure, whatever meat you cook good chicken to goat guaranteed will be cushioned in a faster time.
Well, if you are a fan of beef ribs, worth a try grilled ribs soup recipes from the kitchen of Philips on this one.
Grilled Spareribs Soup

Great Cake Recipes Home

on Mon, 06/29/2015 - 01:16
The TRADITION of the celebrated Lebaran in Indonesia, could  view website not escape from a wonderful cookies home common dijuluk classic pastries. If it feels like an incomplete table of dishes while not stay in the jar contains a row of decorated cakes are a favorite it.
Since the middle of lent, you definitely busy hunting a wide choice of shapes.  look at this website Kaastangels, supporters, and Princess snow always be Variant is mandatory. But the cake that tradition only a fraction to NitutyCookies.
Since 1990 the ' 80s, producers of the best pastries in this expanding corpus of his

3 Fresh Iftar Menu made from Watermelon

on Mon, 06/29/2015 - 01:13
It feels very fresh if you make the Iftar dishes by using watermelon visit this site fruit as an ingredient. Watermelon is a fruit with a lot of moisture content so as to provide freshness after holding hunger and thirst during fasting.
If you are interested to offer it, you can try your own recipes of dishes  her comment is here with watermelon, as reported by the following from torontosun Monday (29/6/2015).

Watermelon Salad
You can make it as a fruit salad, or add the meat or fish into this salad.
Iftar menu with watermelon
2 teaspoons olive oil
Red pepper to taste
Salt and

Shopping for Beef in this Recipe, so as not to be fooled Boar

on Mon, 06/29/2015 - 01:12
The high demand for beef before lebaran there are utilizing. try this website Any wild boar meat mixed with beef. Residents demanded a smart determined.
Consumer information service Kasi BBPOM Yunianti menungkapkan right here  Eni Surabaya of some communities to be aware of when buying meat on the market in order not to be fooled by rampant boar meat.
He also gave a recipe for citizens not to choose the wrong meat. First, he said, the color of the wild boar meat is paler than the beef.
Then the wild boar meat fibers are more subtle or invisible and scent it smells quite different with a cow.

Cucumber Sponge Cake Recipe

on Mon, 06/29/2015 - 01:10
Cucumber is famous for its improved so much for the health look at here of the body. Cucumber is believed to be able to eliminate toxins in the body, controlling blood pressure, preventing constipation, improve the immune system, and much more.


For those of you who do not like the usual cucumber are presented you can find out more in the form of pickles, you can try other alternatives such as cucumber juice, making a cucumber shaved ice, or even try something unique i.e. make cucumber sponge cake. The following recipe is Cucumber sponge cake which is offered from the Kitchn.


Tiwi ' T2 ' Slowly Like Food Outside

on Sat, 06/27/2015 - 07:51


Sunda, bloody THICK tongue Tiwi singers ' T2 ' as continue reading this  if it's been ter-setting with taste of typical Sundanese. As you get older, the Tiwi admitted to start liking food from abroad such as Asian and Western food.


Found in the Editorial Office building, HighEnd Okezone, Jalan Kebon Sirih,  Website Central Jakarta, Tiwi said, himself is slowly trying to like foreign food besides Indonesia.


"I'm really hooked Sundanese, already from small term in his cekokin-Sundanese Yes continue to carry over to the great but lately I'm starting to like Asian and Western food,"